Treasure Earth



“Never before has man had such capacity to control his own environment..

We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world

– or to make it the last”

John F. Kennedy

Treasure Earth and the Treasure Earth challenge are universal, apolitical, pacifist and impartial so that everyone can feel inspired to get involved regardless of their status, identity or beliefs.

Regardless of our status, identity or beliefs however, and no matter how our valued scientists explain the creation of the world, don’t we see ∗ Jehovah our God in every microscopic particle and the very DNA that governs every scientific process by which the world and life itself were created? Is there any legitimate dispute therefore between science and the creationists, and is there any part of science or indeed the universe that is not part of His creation? Isn’t all science intended for the benefit of mankind, for the preservation of planet earth and for the wonder of the entire universe and not for their destruction? Have you ever noticed when you stand in an area of natural, unspoiled beauty that paradise is in evidence all around us where we live in harmony and where we treasure planet earth?