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Treasure Earth appoints Non-Executive Director – Business Innovation and Digital Development

Florentin Albu, Non-Executive Director,                                Business Innovation and Digital Development

Treasure Earth is delighted to announce the appointment of Florentin Albu as Non-Executive Director – Business Innovation and Digital Development effective 1 December 2018.

Expert in the business application of digital, agile innovation and advanced technologies Florentin brings 20+ years of public and private sector experience as creative, passionate and highly skilled digital leader, board member and trusted strategic advisor.



Treasure Earth Team

Treasure Earth Appoints new Non-Executive Director

Maria C. Scanlan, Non-Executive Director

Treasure Earth is delighted to announce the appointment of Maria Scanlan to the Board as Non-Executive Director, effective 17 October 2018.

A highly skilled legal professional, Maria brings a wealth of international experience, firstly in financial services as Head of Legal at Royal Bank of Scotland, where she leads a team of in-house lawyers, prior to which, as Senior Associate at DLA Piper, she specialised in complex High Court litigation, international arbitration and regulatory investigations, and again as Senior Associate in the international arbitration team at US global law firm WilmerHale in London.


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The 2020 Care Prize and Awards are now open for Sponsorship

The 2020 Care Prizes and Awards open for Sponsorship

How the Signature Nurse’s Prize fits alongside the Treasure Earth Peace, Climate, CSR and Humanitarian Care Prizes and why it is our flagship prize is because Treasure Earth views care in a broader sense as nurture and sustenance of mind, body and soul empowering life, health, prosperity and happiness and not only in a medical capacity but as the glue that cements family and the very fabric of society together. 


Such care in the broader sense is as key to peace and to tending planet earth as to life itself, which is why our Humanitarian Care Prizes and the Signature Nurse’s Prize in particular, is our first and Signature Prize and key to the Treasure Earth Challenge incentivising solutions to peacefully and more profitably combat global conflict and global warming championing CSR (corporate and social responsibility)​ and humanitarian care.​

The 3 Care Prizes and Sponsorship details

The Signature Nurse’s Prize

The Smart Options Prize

The Smart Stop Prize Introduction part 1

The Smart Stop Prize Sponsorship part 2