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Congratulations to the World Food Programme on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2020

The World Food Programme wins the Nobel Peace Prize 2020


Human rights, Peace

Congratulations to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia on being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2019

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As the youngest leader on the African continent Abiy Ahmed since taking office as Prime Minister has achieved peace and reform that most world leaders could only dream of

“We have only one option and that is to be united, not only cooperating and helping each other but uniting in order to live together,” PM Abiy Ahmed is quoted as saying. “So, our option should be to trust one another, heal our wounds together and work together to develop our country.”

Spearheading historic reform Ethiopia ended an autocracy when in April 2018 the ruling Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) elected Abiy Ahmed, unifier, reformer and peacemaker as Prime Minister to lead their country and their people into a new era of historic change. (more…)