Treasure Earth Prize Team

Treasure Earth Prize appoints Researcher for Treasure Earth Prize for Humanitarian Care with special focus on youth

Keira Tammy White

Treasure Earth Prize Researcher

Treasure Earth Prize is pleased to announce Keira White as Treasure Earth Prize Researcher effective 3 May 2023. She joins our research team specialising in the causes underpinning our first and flagship prize the Treasure Earth Prize for Humanitarian Care with special emphasis on youth. Keira is a dedicated Health and Social Care professional in her own right with 15 years’ experience across the NHS and private sector. She combines her professional career with studying for a PhD in Health Sciences while applying the benefit of her knowledge and experience and her qualitative and quantitative research skills to her role at Treasure Earth.

Keira’s commitment to care also extends to a BSc in Human Communication Science (1:1) and a keen interest in the communication needs and the mental health challenges faced by youth today and those who provide their support. She has provided a buddy service for various children and young adults living with disability and those with mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression and organised and helped to source a range of holistic and therapeutic projects tailored to each individual client to enhance their quality of life and encourage independence.


Keira has also volunteered as a researcher at Grae Matter Foundation

Grae Matta Foundation’s vision is for every individual in higher education and the workplace to have access to appropriate mental health support the moment they need it.


Keira has the following Qualifications:

University of Portsmouth 2015-2018

  • Foundation degree Speech Language and Communication Science – Distinction
  • BSc Human Communication Science – 1.1
  • Doctor of Philosophy – 2024


The valued skills and experience that Keira brings to Treasure Earth complement the existing team perfectly and will contribute significantly to the Prize campaigns and Awards and the future of Treasure Earth C.I.C. addressing critical global challenges in the areas of Peace, Climate, CSR, and Humanitarian Care with a special focus on youth.