Treasure Earth Prize Team

Treasure Earth appoints Head of Prize and Awards Research

Emily Britton-Drewry

Head of Prize and Awards Research

Treasure Earth is pleased to announce the appointment of Emily Britton-Drewry as Head of Treasure Earth Prize and Awards Research effective 8 March 2022. Emily brings an exceptional combination of research, lecturing and mentoring skills to the role with a passion for youth causes having successfully completed two Masters of Science degrees, one MSc in Social Science Research and one in Educational Leadership. She is currently working towards her PhD in Maths Education with a focus on the cognitions which underpin learning. She combines her excellent academic achievements with her role as Associate Lecturer at the Open University where she lectures on Psychology and Research Methods.

Prior to her role at the Open University, Emily worked in the Civil Service as a badged governmental statistician and researcher, specialising in qualitative and quantitative research across education, policy and children’s services. In this role, she acquired the additional status of accredited ONS Safe Researcher in recognition of her ability to work to the highest ethical standards, particularly regarding safeguarding and GDPR.

Emily started her professional career as a maths teacher, working her way up to deputy head of maths at a secondary school. As someone passionate about issues that impact young people she also involved herself in extra-curricular projects relating to various youth causes.

Throughout her life, Emily has volunteered for youth causes. Examples include: Ambassador within the Teach First SW Action Group; Youth Advisor for the Summer Reading Challenge; call operative within Nightline; Volunteer Data Specialist for the West of England Sport Trust.


2019 – 2023 PhD Maths Education (cognitive) – Loughborough University

Sept 2019 – Aug 2020 Master of Science – MS, Social Research – Distinction – Loughborough University

2014 – 2016 Master of Science – MSc, Educational Leadership – Merit – University of Bristol

2013 – 2014 PGCE, Secondary Mathematics – University of Bristol

2010 – 2013 BSc, Psychology 2:1 – University of Exeter


The valued skills that Emily brings to Treasure Earth complement the existing team perfectly and will contribute significantly to the success of the Treasure Earth Prize Campaigns and Awards and to the Treasure Earth Challenge addressing critical global challenges of the 21st century in the areas of Peace, Climate, CSR, and Humanitarian Care with a central focus on youth.