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Treasure Earth appoints Board Governance Support Specialist

Jenni Klassen LLB

Board Governance Support Specialist

Treasure Earth is pleased to announce the appointment of Jenni Klassen LLB, Board Governance Support Specialist effective 21 September 2020. Jenni brings a range of specialist skills across governance, due diligence, Company Secretarial, board management and subsidiary management.

She is currently the Deputy Company Secretary at Ernst and Young (EY), one of the ‘big four’ and largest professional services networks in the world and where she supports the Board and all committee functions across governance, best practice, statutory and regulatory legislation and where she is also responsible for the Secretariat function.

Prior to her role at EY, Jenni worked at Aecom Limited where as the Company Secretary reporting to the Senior Vice President Chief Counsel her role extended across  22 UK companies providing support to the Operations, HR, Tax, Finance, and Treasury teams.

Jenni started her career at Baker Hughes, an American international industrial service company and one of the largest oil field services companies in the world. She rose swiftly through the ranks to Companies Group Specialist (reporting to the Group Corporate Secretary) where she was responsible for the group subsidiaries registered in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Russia (circa 151 subsidiaries).

Jenni’s first role at Baker Hughes was as the Due Diligence Specialist where she was responsible for overseeing the due diligence program for Europe and Africa operations, focusing on ensuring compliance with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the UK Bribery Act.



Jenni has the following qualifications

Bachelor of Laws LLB Degree – University of the Western Cape, South Africa

Masters (MSC) in Corporate Governance (with grad ICSA) – London South Bank University.


The valued skills that Jenni brings to Treasure Earth complements the existing team perfectly and will contribute significantly to the success of Treasure Earth C.I.C., the Prize Campaigns and Awards and to the Treasure Earth challenge addressing major global challenges of the 21st century in areas of peace, climate, CSR and humanitarian care and with a special focus on youth.