Treasure Earth Prize Team

Treasure Earth appoints Prize and Awards Documentary Producer and Journalist

Marie-Sophie Schwarzer

Prize and Awards Documentary Producer and Journalist

Treasure Earth is pleased to announce the appointment of Marie-Sophie Schwarzer as Prize and Awards Documentary Producer and Journalist effective 26 October 2020. As an award winning documentary film co-producer and a journalist, reporter and writer she brings an impressive range of journalistic and creative skills to Treasure Earth.

Marie-Sophie is currently a freelance journalist covering current affairs, business, culture and travel news, with a master’s degree from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism. She spent more than six years at the international publication Monocle, where she held the position of Travel & Inventory Editor and helped set up the magazine’s Zürich office as Acting Bureau Chief. She has in-depth experience as a researcher, writer and editor, and has worked on magazines, newspapers, digital newsletters, books, travel guides, films and podcasts. She has always been invested in charity work and taught at schools in Nepal, Tanzania and Thailand.

She was also the Co-Producer of “Water Tower- A Documentary film” in New York where she reported, filmed, scripted and edited on Final Cut for the 30-minute investigative documentary film which was the winner of The DuPont/Judy F. Crichton Award for 2013. An abridged version of this documentary was published by The New York Times (2014).


Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, NY, USA

Master of Science (MSC) Degree:

Magazine specialisation with coursework in feature and profile writing, beat reporting, magazine production, photojournalism, digital, social and multimedia skills.

Durham University, UK

Bachelor of Arts in Combined Honours in Arts:
English, History, Government & International Affairs and History of Art

Related Experience

Multimedia Assistant, The Lamp, New York
Instructed students on writing, filming and editing news stories for a non-profit that runs free media literacy workshops.

Reporter Intern at Rheinische Post, Dusseldorf, Germany
Pitched, researched, reported and wrote articles on current events, politics and culture for the daily newspaper.

Volunteer Teacher, Thailand, Nepal and Tanzania
Planned, prepared and taught English classes to elementary and high school students at the School for Life in Chiang Mai, the Hindu-Vidyapeeth School in Dang and the Moringe Sokoine Secondary School in Monduli.


The valued skills that Marie-Sophie brings to Treasure Earth complement the existing team perfectly and will contribute significantly to the success of Treasure Earth C.I.C., the Prize Campaigns and Awards and to the Treasure Earth challenge addressing major global challenges of the 21st century in areas of peace, climate, CSR and humanitarian care and with a special focus on youth.