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Treasure Earth appoints Beth Allen-Jones, Prize and Awards Campaigns and Video Documentary Ideation

Beth Allen-Jones

Prize and Awards Campaigns and Video Documentary Ideation

Treasure Earth is pleased to announce the appointment of Beth Allen-Jones, Prizes and Awards Campaigns and Video Documentary Ideation and Outreach Ambassador. Beth is already a human rights advocate and campaigner for social change in her own right as well as a student Ambassador at SOAS and brings the benefit of her ideation and inspiration to our campaigns and the Treasure Earth challenge.

Beth has been a Church Youth and Children’s Group Leader for over 5 years mentoring young girls from diverse socio-economic backgrounds and focussing on identity, self-worth and confidence building measures.

She has also volunteered as Holocaust Educational Ambassador hosting sessions with different age groups to raise awareness of the real life stories of Holocaust survivors and lessons learnt from history to ensure no repeat of any such crime against humanity.

As volunteer host at INVEST days focussing on Mental Health, Human Rights, Homelessness and Global conflict, she was involved in educating and inspiring young people to be proactive in their awareness and engagement with global issues.

She spent 5 months in Guatemala with Street Kids Direct, safeguarding and working with vulnerable children and youth living in abject poverty and at risk of exposure to gang violence. She held prayer groups and taught crafts and life-skills giving a sense of hope and self-worth to families living on the streets and addicts battling drug addiction who were involved with gangs that controlled much of their area.

Following this, she spent a year with Gloucester City Mission, working again with the vulnerable and the homeless and those working on the streets and battling drug addiction. In response to this social challenge she was moved to set up a School’s programme visiting schools to raise awareness and change perceptions towards rough sleeping and homelessness on a local and global scale.

Beth is studying Law at the School of Oriental and African Studies in London, with the ambition to become a Human Rights Ambassador.


The valued skills set that Beth brings to Treasure Earth complements the existing team perfectly and will contribute significantly to the success of our Prizes and Awards and the Treasure Earth challenge addressing major global challenges of the 21st century in areas of peace, climate, CSR and humanitarian care and with a special focus on youth.