Treasure Earth Peace Prize

The Peace Prize

We need men who can dream of things that never were, and ask ‘why not’?
John F. Kennedy

The Prize

A trophy / medal

A monetary reward for investment into prize-winning projects

Supports UN negotiated and phased global nuclear, military and multilateral disarmament underpinned by a robust, apolitical, non-combative global monitoring system and a comprehensive globally binding convention to reinvigorate nations’ commitment to the UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) and the rule of law.

Supports an apolitical and universal global security system that monitors peace-time and alerts against hostile attack and can deactivate hostile weaponry at source but not to react destructively in any capacity to injure, maim or destroy human life or the environment.

Supports re-allocation of the $1.7 trillion global defense budget to more profitably invigorate the global economy and address the root causes of global conflict by championing CSR, the UDHR and humanitarian care.

Prize 1: Negotiation for Dispute Resolution

A visionary and universal negotiation template as a set of dispute resolution principles as applicable to the most complex global conflicts as to gang warfare and civil disputes at professional and personal levels

Prize 2: Envisioning Peace

Plan and agenda for phased global multilateral nuclear, military and total disarmament.

Prize 3: Denuclearisation

The profitable and comprehensive denuclearisation and eradication of all nuclear weapons.

Prize 4: Disarming for Peace – Defense

The profitable and comprehensive conversion of all global weaponary to new prototypes for non-military equipment and services vital to governments for post war reconstruction and to peacefully address the root causes of conflict.

Prize 5: Safeguarding Peace – Security

Design for an impartial, apolitical global security system that apart from planet earth must also police outer space, cyber space and AI too. Cost comparisons should highlight the projected savings of the security system versus projected costs of future military and nuclear defence expenditure.

A key component of that apolitical and universal global security system is that it monitors peace-time and alerts against hostile attack but does not react destructively in any capacity or to injure, maim or destroy human life.

Prize 6: Enabling Peace – Governments

Where best to re-allocate the $1.7 trillion global defence budget to most effectively address the challenges and root causes of conflict and what new non-military products and services would be most vital to this end to address post war reconstruction, global youth unemployment, the refugee crisis and to accelerate the CSR agenda?

Prize 7: Investing for Peace – Hedge Funds

Hedge Funds and investment portfolios invested one hundred percent in denuclearisation, non-violent dispute resolution and peaceful conflict resolution according to CSR principles.

Prize 8: The Last Post – Veterans

Following global multilateral nuclear, military and comprehensive disarmament, the provision of sponsored options and choices for the welfare of our highly valued military personnel to adjust, retrain and transition to non-military professions and civilian life in the service of peace.

Expert Judging Panel

An expert panel will judge the prize winners

Prize Criteria

The Prize is open to proposals that meet all the criteria

Prize Applications

Prize applications will be available for download and upload via the website

Treasure Earth Prize Awards Ceremony

Treasure Earth Prize Awards Ceremony date and venue to be announced

Further Information

Further information on submissions, criteria, dates, venue, tickets and the Prize Giving and Awards will be available in due course. If you wish to be notified when details are available please register your interest here:


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