Treasure Earth CSR Prize

The Treasure Earth CSR Prize

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Prize joins CSR and human and environmental rights hand in hand with business.

The CSR Prize is intended to incentivise and enable governments and businesses together to agree and promote an exemplary and unprecedented global code of conduct against which we can all measure and improve their CSR footprint. The Prize invites proposals for an over-arching and detailed measure to be designed as a comprehensive set of benchmarks as a CSR footprint against which all business and consumers can benchmark themselves. By practicing corporate social responsibility, also called corporate citizenship, companies are aware and concerned for the kind of human, economic, social, and environmental impact they are creating on the community and the environment in which they operate including overseas. To engage in CSR means that business will at all times observe human rights, ESCR (economic, social and cultural rights), environmental sustainability, anti corruption, anti-slavery and anti-trafficking safeguards and good practice across all operations in ways that provide fair wages and honest returns, that enhance society and the environments in which they operate and provide the required labour standards and safeguards for health and safety that prevent injury, health hazards, death, damage and exploitation on any scale.

Prize 1: The CSR Footprint

The design for a globally recognised and set of comprehensive ethical measures as a CSR footprint against which all business can benchmark their operations and all people benchmark their consumer habits.

Prize 2: The CSR Rating

Creation of a global graded measure and scale of certification to reflect the human and environmental CSR footprint at every stage of the business process. Just as carat is the measure of the purity of diamonds and gold so the CSR rating would become an essential CSR measure for all businesses and consumerism at every stage of their business operations and consumer outlets worldwide and as an automatic product specification at point of sale.

Prize 3: Sustainable Profit

How to achieve the comprehensive transformation of mining, quarrying, excavation, exploration, drilling, construction and the disposal of industrial, nuclear and chemical waste products to meet sustainable benchmarks and achieve top CSR human rights and environmental ratings for the benefit of the community and the environment in which such businesses operate, the countries and the world at large and to generate far greater commercial profit.

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